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Jehu Cox

Worthen GEDCOM

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Submitted by joefree on Fri, 2006-07-07 00:32.
Worthen GEDCOM

Here is the GEDCOM file I have at this point. I have also created this fan chart that shows some of the contents of the file, but not all.

As I have entered some of the stories I have found other names that are not in the GEDCOM file, so I'm sure someone has a more up-to-date copy.

But here is what I have for what it is worth.

Jehu Cox, Indomitable Pioneer and Empire Builder

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Submitted by joefree on Thu, 2006-07-06 23:04.

By Wayne D. Stout

Jehu Cox embraced Mormonism while the church was passing through its darkest hour. This fact alone stamps the man as one possessing a strong character. Weak men do not join unpopular movements. When Jehu Cox joined the Mormon church in 1838 while residing in the state of Missouri, he did so on principle, not to win fame, for the Mormons were the most unpopular people Missouri had at that time. The saints had already been driven out of Jackson County, and were in 1838 being driven out of the state. Credit for this conversion should be given to Benjamin L. Clapp, a young twenty-three year old missionary--afterwards one of the seven presidents of seventy, who penetrated deep into the Ozark mountains where he found the Cox family and there taught them the gospel. For the first time the Mormon point of view was presented. The cox's had known the Mormons only by reputation. They were not given an opportunity to compare the two stories. Jehu was a prayerful man, so in asking his Heavenly Father for light, he received a testimony that the message was true. He and his wife, Sarah, were subsequently baptized and joined the main body of the saints as soon as they were located in Illinois.

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